Food Net Plates Household Record


The Food Network is giving thanks after its Nov. 10 special, Paula's Southern Thanksgiving, served up a record number of TV households.

The 1.6 household rating for the hour special was the best in the network's history in terms of household delivery.

Paired with Rachael Ray's Thanksgiving (1.2 household rating), the result was also the highest-rated weeknight ever for the Scripps network.

For those who weren't hungry before they started reading this item, recipes for the southern Thanksgiving included Turducken (which sounds questionable but is, in fact, a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken), oyster dressing (which goes inside the chicken), bacon-wrapped breadsticks (no calorie count on that one), mini cheesburger puffs (ditto on the calorie count), apple butter pumpkin pie and hot cranberry cider.

There will still be plenty of chances to catch the show. It has already aired twice, Nov. 10 and 11, but has six more helpings: Nov. 15, 19 (twice), 20 (twice), and Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24).