Fontana, August Developing NBC Digital Shows

NBC Universal Digital Studios unveils development slate, pending advertiser partnerships.

NBC Universal Digital Studios is bringing its first slate of programming to market, including original shows from Tom Fontana (Oz,Homicide: Life on the Street), John August (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Scott Z. Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum).

Fontana is developing Men With Guns: The Assassins, about an assassin that plays by his own rules, targeting the villains of society.

August is working on The Remnants, a comedy about a group of friends who discover that they are the last inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Burns is working on Love at First Sight & Other Dangers, a series of vignettes looking at love, and the comedy and drama that comes with it. 60Frames Entertainment produced two episodes of the series, and is working with NBC to extend it.

Other series in development include:

Loving Larry, a comedy about a group of 20 something guys looking to turn their love lives around with a fake Bachelor-esque reality show.

Mr. Miss Teen USA, about an 18 year old guy who wins a lawsuit and is thus permitted to enter the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Four Corners, an Amazing Race type show which will place four teams of people at the extreme four corners of the U.S. The first team to complete all its challenges and reach its destination will win.

True Story, a documentary series examining people with strange and unconventional lifestyles, such as an 80 year old punk rocker or a tango dancing witch.

As is the case with other NBC Universal Digital productions, the content creators will work closely with advertisers to incorporate products into the shows. Once advertising partners are on board, the shows will be put into production, with distribution on the NBC Universal web properties and through VOD.