FNC Tops with Neopet Owners


Fox News Channel is the primary source of presidential election news for children who play with, groom, feed and otherwise care for virtual pets online, according to a poll conducted by Jack Myers Report and neopets.com (www.neopets.com).

The presidential choice of the majority of those virtual pet owners: John Kerry.
71% of the respondents said they get most of their election news from broadcast and cable networks.

In the survey of approximately 2,000 neopet.com site members ages 8-17, Fox News Channel was cited as the most watched network by 35% percent, followed by CBS (29%), NBC (28%), ABC (23%),and CNN (20%). Bringing up the rear, somewhat surprisingly, was MTV at 12%.

The Kerry camp will be happy to hear that he got a post-convention bump with the neopet crowd, with 44% saying they would vote for Kerry if the election were held now, vs. 38% for Bush. In a pre-convention poll, Bush led Kerry 41% to 40% among the kids. The downside: None of them can vote.