FNC Tops with Neopet Owners

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Fox News Channel is the primary source of presidential election news for children who play with, groom, feed and otherwise care for virtual pets online, according to a poll conducted by Jack Myers Report and neopets.com (www.neopets.com).

The presidential choice of the majority of those virtual pet owners: John Kerry.
71% of the respondents said they get most of their election news from broadcast and cable networks.

In the survey of approximately 2,000 neopet.com site members ages 8-17, Fox News Channel was cited as the most watched network by 35% percent, followed by CBS (29%), NBC (28%), ABC (23%),and CNN (20%). Bringing up the rear, somewhat surprisingly, was MTV at 12%.

The Kerry camp will be happy to hear that he got a post-convention bump with the neopet crowd, with 44% saying they would vote for Kerry if the election were held now, vs. 38% for Bush. In a pre-convention poll, Bush led Kerry 41% to 40% among the kids. The downside: None of them can vote.