WLKE Bar Harbor, WBFB Belfast/Brewer, WKSQ Ellsworth/Brewer, WVOM Howland, WGUY Dexter/Newport and WBYA Searsport, all Bangor, Maine area

Price: $20 million

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio (L. Lowry Mays, chairman); owns/is buying 19 TVs and 873 other radio stations

Seller: Communications Capital Managers LLC, East Lansing, Mich. (Michael H. Osterle, managing member). Osterle and other members of CCM own/are buying four AMs. Oesterle also is a manager of Southern Broadcast Group LLC, which is buying four AMs and five FMs. Note: CCM has acquired the FMs it is selling for $13.7 million since February (Changing Hands, Feb. 28, March 27, April 10)

Facilities: wlke: 99.1 MHz, 45 kW, ant. 400 ft.; wbfb: 104.7 MHz, 10 kW, ant. 1,099 ft.; wksq: 94.5 MHz, 11.5 kW, ant. 1,027 ft.; wvom: 103.9 MHz, 54 kW, ant. 1,509 ft.; wguy: 102.1 MHz, 26.5 kW, ant. 672 ft.; wbya: 101.7 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 236 ft.

Formats: wlke, wbfb: country; wksq: AC; wvom: news/talk; wguy: hits of the'50s,'60s and early '70s; wbya: classical

Broker: Communications Equity Association (seller)

KCDA(FM) Spokane, Wash.

Price: $4.7 million

Buyer: AGM Nevada LLC, Riderwood, Md. (Charles H. Salisbury, member/50% owner; brothers Anthony S. and L. Rogers Brandon, each member/25% owner); owns/is buying four AMs and nine other FMs. Salisbury owns six FMs; Brandon brothers have interest in five other AMs and 15 other FMs

Seller: AMFM Inc., Dallas (Thomas O. Hicks, chairman); owns/is buying 124 AMs and 318 FMs, including kaqq(am)-kisc(fm) and kudy(am)-kkzx(fm) Spokane and KNFR(FM) Opportunity/ Spokane, Wash. (see first TV item)

Facilities: 103.1 MHz, 2.35 MHz, ant. 4,400 ft.

Format: Country