Flaks ask senators to ax dereg rewrite

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The Public Relations Society of America is the latest opponent of the Federal
Communications Commission's decision to relax broadcast-ownership rules.

The 20,000-member trade group for industry, government and association PR
officials Thursday urged U.S. senators to back a legislative veto that would
overturn the FCC's June 2 decision to lift the ownership cap on TV-household
reach, permit more local TV duopolies and allow local broadcast/newspaper

Allowing media to further consolidate would damp opportunities for airing
diverse viewpoints [i.e. those of its clients], the group said.

Encouraging "increasingly vast media conglomerates results in moving
information generically, with less attention to opposing viewpoints, minority
interests and local stories," said Steven Seekins, chair of the society's
Advocacy Advisory Board. "In the local media marketplace, we are already
experiencing canned content, 'robot radio,' control of local venues for public
entertainment and news events and growing lack of geographic focus in news
reporting" -- not to mention fewer clients as companies merge.