Five Questions for CEO Dave Morgan


What will be the next trend in syndication?

We think we have the next genre. It's reality, single-host, non-talk, non-judge. Like anything successful, it's simple. It's very pro-social, it's not Jerry Springer.

Which show, currently in syndication, do you wish you could have as your own to distribute?

Oh, that's easy.I'd say Wheel of Fortune. Wake me up at 3 a.m., and I'd give you the same answer. What will stop it? That's what we all want.

How has consolidation affected how you do business?

Consolidation created vertical integration, which makes an independent distributor less important. We get less access to time periods. But every group head and station manager says that, if you have the show or the idea, they don't care. So that boils down to saying there's never a bad time for a great idea. It doesn't matter where it comes from.

Is there a passed-on show or talent that you wish you could have back?

There are shows that came our way that became successful. There was Battlebots, which went to Comedy Central. It was a simple, silly idea that we passed on. And I wish I had that moment back. I didn't have my vision cap on very well that day.

What will the syndication business be like in 10 years?

I think that syndication will stay important because it will be a place where great talent, like Oprah
and Judge Judy
and Jerry Springer, can show concepts that networks may not consider. It's like Arsenio, which was something that networks wouldn't do but syndicators like Paramount did great with for many years. That's why syndication will always be a great place for creativity.