Five Fun Oscar-Ad Facts


The Oscar telecast (Feb. 25 on ABC) is one of the biggest appointment-TV buys in an increasingly fragmented marketplace, but there is one ad category noticeably absent: movies.

That's one of a host of Oscar-related ad facts in a pre-show survey of advertising from researcher TNS Media Intelligence .

Why no movie ads in a show celebrating movies?--not even ads for theme parks with the names of studios in them, by the way (think Universal Studios Theme Parks ).

"We want to avoid the appearance, or occurrence, of any financial relationship between studios and artists that might be up for awards," says Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences executive administrator Ric Robertson.

Also from the files of TNS:

2. The price of a 30-second spot on the Oscars doubled between 1996 and 2006, from $795,000 to $1,647,000.

3. About a third of the advertisers in the Super Bowl also buy time in the awards show.

4. The Oscars are relatively uncluttered in ad terms--maybe it's the absence of all those movie trailers-- averaging 11-12 minutes pre hour compared to 18 minutes or so for the average hour of primetime.

5. The top advertiser in terms of spending over the past dozen years has been general motors at $99.5 million, with American Express second at $67.9 million.