First New York Marathon Online Broadcast


NBC is teaming up with online broadcaster MediaZone to provide the first ever online broadcast of the ING New York City Marathon. Starting at 9:30 a.m. this Sunday, Oct. 5, the race will be available live or on demand for $4.99 at their website,

The webcast of the Marathon, which is in its 26th year, will include two alternative viewing options - the "RunnerCam" and the "LanceCam." RunnerCam will let web viewers enter the bib number of any of the 37,000 marathon participants and receive a notification when the runner is approaching and passes three camera points along the course.

LanceCam will track Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong as he runs the marathon for the first time. Fans can watch Armstrong's first 30 minutes for free before having to shell out the $4.99 fee for the rest of the race. Paid customers can also access current scoreboards and watch the event anytime after it ends.

NBC paired with MediaZone in Sept. on a co-branded pay portal to provide sports that are not available widely available on broadcast or cable TV, such as tennis, rugby and motocross. Last month, the site offered the Berlin Marathon.