Finance VP Stepping Down At NAB

NAB executive VP, finance and operations returning to consulting practice.

Mike Wiliams, the National Association of Broadcasters executive VP, finance and operations, is stepping down as of Friday.

According to an e-mail from Williams to the NAB board, he is leaving to return to his consulting practice. "I have worked for a board and a supervisor who challenged me and gave me excellent opportunities," he said in the e-mail. "I have had colleagues who were supportive and very giving with their humor, expertise and guidance. I have had departments and department heads reporting to me that are, quite simply, the best that can be assembled. 

There had been some talk that Williams, who used to work in the music industry, was leaving because he did not see eye to eye with broadcasters on music rights policy. NAB has been in a tussle with record companies over how they should be conpensated for online airplay.

But Williams, who joined NAB 22 months ago after being tapped for the post by NAB President David Rehr, told B&C that was not the case and that it was his decision to leave. "I came out of a consulting background and I just want to get back to it," saying suggestions he was unhappy with NAB over positions it has taken over radio issues "is just not so."