Fifth Wheel , m-Qube Partner on Wireless Promo


To try to tap into the growing audience that likes to mix interactive technology with their television viewing, Universal Television’s The Fifth Wheel
and m-Qube Inc. are teaming up on a "watch-and-win" promotion starting Thursday.

m-Qube’s text-messaging platform allows 80 million subscribers to send messages to other subscribers of Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Nextel Communications, T-Mobile USA Inc. and U.S. Cellular.

Viewers of The Fifth Wheel
, who tend to be younger adults, can enter a contest to win prizes and play for a Porsche Boxster by sending the phrase, "the 5th wheel," to the text-messaging code "wheel" (or the numbers 94335).

Promotional spots during the show will prompt viewers to enter the contest. Once they do, they will receive text reminders about the show and the ongoing contest, which runs every day for the next four weeks.

"Wireless users are the ideal demographic for us, and we’re glad that it’s so easy for our viewers to interact with the show," said Dan Weiss, executive vice president of worldwide marketing for Universal.

As part of the contest, Universal will also run radio spots about the contest in 15 selected U.S. markets starting Nov. 3.