Feud gets new host


Syndicated game strip Family Feud will get a new host next season -- Richard Karn, the actor who played Al the carpenter in Tool Time, the
home-improvement show within sitcom Home Improvement.

He'll replace Louie Anderson, who has an agreement with Feud producer
FremantleMedia Ltd. to develop other shows.

The switch is part of what Fremantle Entertainment president David Lyle said
is an effort to give Feud "a new lease on life. We felt that the show had
stalled a bit in the ratings," and that a host switch was necessary to improve
the situation.

Karn, Lyle added, has a "warmth" that comes across on screen. "And he gets on
with people."

In any case, Feud, which is distributed by Tribune Entertainment, has been
renewed for next year, and it is cleared in 125 markets (80 percent of the United States),
including 47 of the top 50.