Fellowship honors Sherman


The International Radio and Television Society has created a fellowship in honor of the George Foster Peabody Awards Director and University of Georgia Professor Barry Sherman, who died suddenly on May 2.

Marc Adelman, a senior at Bradley University, will be the first recipient of what will be an annual Barry L. Sherman Fellowship, part of the society's Summer Fellowship Program, a nine-week expenses-paid primer on the communications industry.

Adelman was among 35 college juniors and seniors selected for the program from more than 600 applicants. He was chosen as the first Sherman Fellow, said IRTS President Joyce Tudryn, in part because of his experience with awards ceremonies and the perspective he brought to that experience. "As we reviewed applications," she said in a statement, "we couldn't help but notice that Marc Adelman had worked on the Golden Globe Awards for five years and grew up watching his father produce award shows. Marc wrote, In my short life, I have come to at least one conclusion: life is not an awards ceremony, meaning that the special moments in life, which shape the people we become, are not necessarily our public victories nor the accolades we receive.'

"That reminded us of Barry. While so many people applauded his work on the Peabody Awards, his contributions in the classroom, and the books he authored, those who knew him would say he excelled first and foremost as a human being who was always willing to provide friendship, help and inspiration."

Sherman's family has also set up a fund to pay the expenses of student Peabody judges sent to New York for the awards ceremony.