Feinstein Praises Young For Free Time


According to Young Broadcasting's post-election analysis of its political coverage initiative, 72 candidates took advantage of 240 minutes of free airtime on newscasts, in election specials, and on the Web.

Young's 10 TV stations allowed federal, state and local candidates to provide unedited responses of about a minute to issues chosen by the stations.

Young cited a letter the station had gotten from California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein praising the initiative. "The public needs and deserves to have a chance during the election season to hear from candidates in an unedited format," said Feinstein in the letter. "In recording and airing these public service announcements, KRON4 is doing something that I don’t believe any other station in California has done for the November 7, 2006 election.”"But young also did well on the paid side of the political equation. Gross political billings for the 2006 election cycle are pegged at $31.6 million.