FCC's Open Internet Order Challenged in 3rd Circuit

But petitioner is a Title II fan that says FCC did not go far enough
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Add Full Service Network, TruConnect Mobile, Sage Telecommunications and Telescape Telecommunications — collectively they are filing one petition — to those challenging the FCC's new network neutrality order.

That makes an even eight court challenges to the rules, but the latest — dated April 23 — is important for where it is filed: the Third Circuit Full Service, based in Pennsylvania, which is in the Third circuit.

Currently among those eight court challenges are filings in the D.C. circuit, where deal critics feel they have the best chance since that is the court that has twice rejected FCC net neutrality efforts, one in the Fifth, and now the Third, where regulation fans tend to file (most notably, the court that stayed the FCC's deregulatory media ownership rules more than a decade ago).

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