FCC's Martin Names Media Chiefs


FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has set his team atop the media bureau.

Donna Gregg is replacing Ken Ferree as bureau chief. Ferree left in March when his chairman, Michael Powell, also exited.

Gregg's appointment is a sort of noncom swap. While Ferree joined CPB, Gregg comes to the commission from CPB, where she had been VP of legal and regulatory affairs and general counsel. She is also a former partner in the law firm of ex-FCC Chairman Dick Wiley (Wiley, Rein & Fielding).

Roy Stewart, a 40-year vet of the commission and most recently the chief of the Office of Broadcast License Policy, has been named senior deputy chief, while Deborah Klein, who had been acting media bureau chief and before that chief of staff, will be deputy chief.

The bureau formulates policy for a range of media, including broadcast and cable TV, radio, and some satellite issues.

The noncom trade of Gregg for Ferree did not escape the notice of media activist Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy. "Why doesn't the Bush Administration just merge the FCC with CPB," he said. "The revolving door between the two agencies suggests a `one deregulator' fits all approach to media policy.... It appears that there is media industry business as usual at the FCC."