FCC's Martin, Copps to attend Forum


Federal Communications Commission members Kevin Martin and Michael Copps will
be a part of the National Association for Television Programming Executives' Family Programming Forum in New Orleans Wednesday, Jan.
22, NATPE said Wednesday.

Martin, Copps and House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Billy Tauzin
(R-La.) are the top Washington regulators participating in NATPE this year.

Other participants in the Family Programming Forum will be moderator Carole
Lieberman, media psychiatrist and television and radio personality; David
Balsinger, vice president and senior producer of Grizzly Adams Productions; Jim
McCleary, CEO of MainStreet Entertainment Inc.; Lawrence Meli, president and chief operating officer of
GoodLife TV Network; and Nikki Silver, co-president and co-executive producer of
RCN Entertainment.

The forum will be sponsored by MainStreet.

In other NATPE-related announcements, George Gray, host of NBC Enterprises'
The Weakest Link, will emcee NATPE's "7th Annual Pitch Me!

The competition, sponsored by RealNetworks Inc., will take place Tuesday, Jan.
21, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the La Louisiane Ballroom at the Morial
Convention Center.

The winner will receive a free one-year membership to NATPE and three
Hollywood pitch meetings.