FCC's Martin Asked to Act On Tribune Waiver Requests


Fourteen members of the Illinois congressional delegation--Senator Richard Durbin and 13 of the state's 19 representatives--asked FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to act on Tribune's waiver requests "in a timely fashion."

According the the legislators, the Chicago-based Tribune has to file for transfer of control applications for its TV stations as it moves to take the company private.. Some of those stations have been operating under a waiver of the FCC's newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rules.

The letter does not take a position on whether the waivers should be granted, but the legislators do point out that the FCC is in the midst of a years-long review of its media ownership rules. A Philadelphia Federal Appeals Court remanded its 2003 rule rewrite back to the FCC for justification, though it suggested that one of the FCC changes that appeared justified was getting rid of the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership ban.