FCC's Adelstein Poised to Return


The Senate Commerce Committee Thursday night was expected to approve the nomination of Democrat Jonathan Adelstein to a second term on the Federal Communications Commission.

Adelstein’s reappointment has been pending since February 2003, when Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle asked the White House to let him keep his seat. Adelstein’s term expired June 2003, but is allowed to keep his post  until the end of the current congressional session or until his replacement was confirmed.

Adelstein’s appointment was delayed because of White House retribution against Daschle, who had organized filibusters against Bush Administration judicial appointments. But Daschle’s reelection defeat earlier this month removed the White House incentive to stymie Adelstein.

The White House roadblock showed “an arrogance and partisanship that is very unusual,” complained Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., during the hearing for Adelstein.