FCC slates new officers


The merger of the Federal Communications Commission's Mass Media and Cable
Services bureaus goes into effect March 25, as part of an agency-reorganization
plan officially announced Friday.

Media Bureau chief Ken Ferree named former Cable Competition Division chief
Deborah Klein as his chief of staff.

Former Mass Media Bureau chief Roy Stewart has become chief of the broadcast
licensing office.

Other postings:

\u0007 Deputy
Bureau Chief - William H. Johnson

\u0007 Deputy Bureau Chief
- Robert H. Ratcliffe

\u0007 Associate Bureau Chief - Rick C.

\u0007 Associate Bureau Chief - Barbara S. Esbin

\u0007 Associate Bureau Chief - Marjorie R. Greene

\u0007 Associate Bureau Chief - Sarah E. Whitesell

\u0007 Audio Division Chief - Peter H. Doyle

\u0007 Deputy Chief - Nina Shafran

\u0007 Video
Division - Barbara Kreisman

\u0007 Deputy Chief - James J.

\u0007 Policy Division Chief - Mary Beth Murphy

Also next week,
the FCC is slated to propose rules for cable-modem

The commissioners are expected to tentatively define
cable-modem service as an 'information service,' giving them authority but not
the obligation to order cable companies to carry rival Internet-service
providers on their broadband networks.