FCC’s Pai Gives Broadcasters Shout Out for Hurricane Coverage

Says he is in awe of their public service
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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show in Austin, Tex., said he was "in awe” of broadcasters' response during Hurricane Harvey.

He talked about CBS Radio's daytimer KIKK Pasadena, Tex., which applied to go 24/7 during the storm. He said the FCC granted that request in an hour.

He also gave a "bravo" to KHOU-TV's Brandi Smith, who helped save a truck driver on live TV. Pai said he was in awe, but not surprised “because that’s what broadcasters do.”

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“You go above and beyond to be there for your communities,” he continued. “That’s true anytime, but especially in times of crisis."

While he was in Texas, the chairman also visited KPRC-TV Houston, one of the stations that provided that life-saving storm coverage.

"There was huge and critically important demand for timely information, and KPRC and other area broadcasters stepped up to provide non-stop, wall-to-wall, life-saving emergency information and news,” he said of the visit.