FCC Report Pans a la Carte


It's not clear whether it was going on press reports or inside information, but the Faith and Family Broadcasting Coalition praised the Federal Communications Commission report on a la carte cable. The report was sent to Congress Thursday night, and it apparently said a la carte has too many downsides for the FCC to advise that it be regulated into existence.

"Today’s report to Congress by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) correctly noted that “pay-per-channel” or “a la carte” would not foster consumer choices, and in fact would only undermine wide program and service availability, drive up consumer costs, and reduce viewer options,” said Colby M. May, Director of the Washington Office of the American Center for Law and Justice.

May drafted the coalition's comments to the FCC opposing a la carte.

The FCC report is due to be released Friday. Congress had asked for the report because some members wanted to know whether letting cable subs pick and choose channels could hold down cable prices or give viewers more control over cable indecency.

Opponents of a la carte, which included an unusual alliance of industry, religious and minority groups, argued that it struck at the heart of cable's business model and would instead raise prices while pushing minority and other niche networks out of business.