FCC Renews Three TV Licenses


The FCC Friday warned or took no action against seven TV station's for violations of children's TV reporting rules and ad limits, taking the opportunity to renew three of the licenses.

All the violations had been reported by the stations in their applications for license renewals. The FCC granted three of the renewals while saying the violations would not affect the prospects of the other four, which are still under consideration.

Getting renewals were two Paxson stations, KPXC Denver and KPXM St. Cloud, Minn., which were admonished--an official reprimand-- for failing to provide the age ranges of their kids shows to program guide publishers.

Also getting renewed was ACME's WBXX Crossville, Tenn. It was also admonished for exceeding childrens ad limits by over three minutes and for a program-length commercial. The culprit was a familiar one for WB stations--an ad in the Pokemon program for a Gameboy E-Reader that contained a fleeting image of a Pokemon card. Several other stations have already been cited, even fined, by the FCC for the same ad.

The commission considers that any, no matter how brief, appearance by a character in an ad during a show that features that character transforms it into an illegal program-length commercial.

Also admonished was Fox's KTXH Houston, for a program-length commercial that the FCC has cited other stations for, the appearance of Buzz Lightyear in an ad during the Buzz Lightyear show. The FCC took no action on the renewal, though it said the admonishment would not affect it.

Not admonished for ad overages of just over a minute or less were Indepence Television's WFTE Salem, Ind., New World's WTVT Tampa, and WITI Milwaukee, though the FCC also did not take the opportunity of renewing those licenses at the same time.