FCC Publishes DTV-Transition Info Order

Federal Communications Commission’s Revised DTV-Transition Information Requirements Published in Federal Register

The Federal Communications Commission said Thursday that its order revising digital-TV-transition information requirements for consumer-electronics manufacturers and telecommunications carriers was published in the Federal Register, meaning it is official.

The agency reminded the affected parties that the new rules take effect May 30.

Under the order, manufacturers have to include DTV-transition information along with TV sets, digital-video recorders and set-top boxes, including cable set-tops that do not contain or rely on a TV receiver. That last item, the FCC said, was included "to counter consumer confusion about the functioning of such boxes in light of the over-the-air digital transition."

Telecommunications companies also now must include DTV-transition information in monthly communications to their low-income customers.

The Federal Register publication also triggers the comment period for possible actions the FCC included in the order. Those would include requiring telecommunications companies to issue DTV-transition notices monthly to all customers, not just low-income. It also asked whether cable operators and other multichannel-video providers should be required to provide on-air DTV-transition education, as broadcasters are required to do.