FCC Plans New DTV Outreach

Commissioner McDowell planning interviews with stations.

Today (Nov. 17)  marks three months until the deadline for all full-power TV stations to make the switch to digital.

Ninety days out is also when TV stations can start making the switch so long as they notify the FCC and give their viewers warning it is happening.

A number of stations are making the switch early for reasons of weather and other environmental factors--frigid winters that aren't suitable for high-tower work, for example.

To mark the date, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell is holding satellite interviews with a slew of TV stations Monday morning, including affiliates from the Big Four networks and a local cable news channel. Stations include WLUK-TV Green Bay, KUSA-TV Denver, WIXN Indianapolis, WFTS-TV Tampa, KJTV-TV Lubbock, and WCPO-TV Cincinnati.

McDowell's outreach is part of an initiative by all the commissioners to stump for the DTV switch both in person and remotely, particularly in markets where there are higher penetrations of over-the-air viewers, the ones who will be most affected by the switch.