FCC OKs LIN, Media General duopolies


Two broadcast companies were allowed to establish TV duopolies in relatively
small markets Tuesday after the Federal Communications Commission waived rules
barring ownership of two stations in markets short on ownership diversity.

Because both deals met established conditions for waivers, the FCC allowed
LIN Television Corp. to buy WCTX(TV) New Haven, Conn., from K-W TV Inc., and
Media General Inc. to acquire Pappas Telecasting Cos.' WASV-TV Asheville,

WCTX was unbuilt before LIN stepped in to fund its construction in 1995.
WASV-TV is off the air and in such dire financial condition that it might not
resume broadcasting without Media General's support, the FCC said.

In those markets LIN already owns WTNH-TV and Media General owns WSPA-TV.

According to rules set in 1999, duopolies may be established only in markets
with at least eight independent owners.

Waivers are permitted when one of the paired stations suffers either very low
ratings, poor financial condition or inability to fetch a fair price from
out-of-market buyers.