FCC Media Ownership Meeting Scheduled


The FCC says it will hold its next public hearing on media ownership rules Dec. 11 in Nashville.

The FCC held the first of a half-dozen such planned hearings last month in L.A. and got an earful on "the current state of the media and specific issues facing that local market," as the FCC put it.

The FCC is reviewing all its rules and revisiting some deregulatory rule changes it tried to adopt back in 2003. AS part of the review it plans to hold six hearings in geographically diverse locations.

The L.A. hearing dealt with such issues as Tribune's ownership of the L.A. Times and independent producers complaints that media consolidation had given studios too much control over TV product to the detriment to the creativity and profitability of independents.

Among the rules changes the FCC is considering are allowing multiple ownership in smaller markets and scrapping the ban on TV/newspaper ownership in the same market.

Native Tennessean Deborah Taylor Tate was pleased by the pick: "Nashville is home to some of the greatest songwriters and musicians in the world.It is hard to think of a more appropriate location for discussing how the Commission's rules may affect these artists and their audience."