FCC Launches Analysis of Business Broadband Marketplace

Calls it 'next step' in advancing small business broadband agenda

The FCC is issuing a public notice to "improve the FCC's understanding of business broadband needs,"
calling it the "next step" advancing the FCC's small business
broadband agenda.

It is also the agenda of the Obama administration. Vice President
Joe Biden has been something of an evangelist for the power of broadband to
turn small businesses into global ones
, in the process creating and saving jobs
and boosting competitiveness.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced the notice in a speech
Tuesday to a meeting with eBay's top online sellers.

"America's small businesses need fast, affordable broadband access
to compete globally, create jobs, and operate more effectively," said Genachowski.
"This important step will enable the FCC to analyze the broadband business
marketplace with the goal of ensuring that small businesses realize the maximum
benefits of broadband services and competition."