FCC To Hold DTV Transition Forum


The FCC plans to hold a DTV consumer education forum Sept. 26.

The forum will come one day after the National Telecommunications & Information Association's own forum on what groups like the National Association of Broadcasters, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and government agencies are planning..

But in addition to providing its own updates and product demos, the FCC's forum will also be an opportunity to let consumer groups weigh in on what they think the government and industry ought to be doing, how much they should be doing, and when they should be doing it.

The switchover to all-digital broadcasting is set for February 2009, but the program to issue subsidized coupons for converter boxes that will allow analog-only sets to continue to work is scheduled to start in less than four months, and consumer groups are concerned that the education campaign, including broadcast PSA's, may be starting too late.