FCC hammers out new auction date


The Federal Communications Commission Wednesday rescheduled its auction of a part of spectrum used for TV channels 52 through 59..

The so-called C and D blocks now used for channels 54 and 59 and channel 55,
respectively, will be sold Aug. 27.

Last week, Congress postponed the FCC's June 19 sale of the entire 52-through-59 swath
with orders that the C and D blocks go on sale by Sept. 19.

Sale of the A, B and E blocks has been postponed indefinitely.

Bidding is limited to applicants already approved for the June 19 sale, but
those applicants may add to the number of licenses they want to compete for.

The deadline for selecting new licenses is July 26. A mock auction for
qualified bidders will be held Aug. 22.