FCC grants 30-day radio extension


The Federal Communications Commission has split the difference with the
National Association of Broadcasters.

The agency granted the NAB’s motion to extend the comment and reply-comment
periods for defining radio markets in non-Arbitron survey areas, but only by 30
days, and not the six-plus weeks and two months the NAB, joined by Saga
Communications Inc., had asked for.

The comment period and reply comment periods had been Sept. 4 and 19,
respectively. The NAB, saying that it needed to study data from a survey it had
commissioned, had wanted the FCC to bump the deadlines to Oct. 20 and Nov.

Instead, the FCC -- saying that it needed to complete its proceeding in a
timely fashion while recognizing the "public interest" served by a brief
extension -- set the new deadline for comments at Oct. 6 and for replies at Oct.

The FCC asked for a redefinition as part of its June 2 rewrite of ownership