FCC Fines Three Stations

KMPX (TV) Decatur, Texas; KTVA (TV) Anchorage, Alaska; KSBY (TV) San Luis Obispo, Calif., fined total of $27K.

The Federal Communications Commission fined three stations a total of $27,000 for failing to maintain proper records.

Subject to appeal, the commission fined KMPX (TV) Decatur, Texas, $13,000; KTVA (TV) Anchorage, Alaska, $10,000; and KSBY (TV) San Luis Obispo, Calif., $4,000.

All of the FCC fines are only proposed fines until the stations have a chance to challenge them.

The difference in fines was based on the number and kinds of files that were missing and for how long. For example, KMPX's owner, which bought the station in 2004, had not filed its children's-TV-programming reports with the FCC or in its public file for almost two-and-a-half years.