FCC Extends Comment Window For KTLA Renewal

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The FCC has given critics of, and commenters on, the license renewal of Tribune's KTLA Los Angeles a little more time to do both.

Saying that "a full and complete record should be assembled with respect to the KTLA-TV license renewal application," the commission Wednesday said that it has opened a 30-day window for comments or petitions to deny the renewal.

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has already asked the FCC not to grant a waiver of the newspaper/broadcast crossownership rule to Tribune to continue to own both the L.A. Times and KTLA in the market.

It won't be the first extension of time involving the license renewal. The deadline for filing the license renewal was Aug. 1, but due to a glitch in the FCC's electronic filing system, the renewal was not actually filed until Aug. 11.