FCC Extends California TV Application Deadline


Owners of California TV stations will get until Aug. 11 to file applications to renew their licenses.

The FCC said said Tuesday it was extending the deadline from Aug. 1. Seems that its consolidated database system (CDBS) is on the fritz, which is how stations file their renewals. The current status of CDBS was a to-the-point: "Not working."

The same could not be said for the FCC, which is trying to resolve the problem in hopes of having the system back up by tomorrow (Aug. 2).

Also getting a break are California stations filing EEO reports with the FCC, as well as California and North and South Carolina TV stations (and Illinois and Wisconsin radio stations) filing biennial ownership reports.

The FCC said it would also waive deadlines for anyone who had trouble filing amendments, settlements, and contracts "in appropriate circumstances."