FCC delays radio-ownership reply deadline


The Federal Communications Commission has once again extended its deadline
for reply comments on the issue of radio multiple ownership in a market and the
definition of radio markets.

The old deadline had been close of business Wednesday. The new
deadline is May 8.

The FCC has twice before delayed the comment and reply comment deadlines.

The United Church of Christ asked for the delay, saying that it needed more time
to analyze the 'large volume' of comments.

The FCC is considering a rewrite of local-ownership restrictions, including
its four-year-old policy of 'flagging' radio mergers for extra scrutiny when
they create significant concentration of ad revenue.

Also under the microscope is the way the commission measures the number of
stations in a market.

Clear Channel Communications Inc., Infinity Broadcasting
Corp. and Cox Enterprises Inc., among other big groups, have asked the FCC to
revamp its merger-review process to make it easier for the biggest owners to
beef up their holdings in local markets.