FCC Cites Dell For Failure To Label TV Sets


Dell.com has joined the list of online TV sales Web sites cited by the FCC for failure to label analog-only TV sets.

As of May 25, sets without digital tuners must be clearly marked, either on the set or in close proximity, with the warning that the set will not receive over-the-air broadcasts after February 2009 unless equipped with a converter box.

The FCC has

cited numerous retail outlets and online stores

, essentially giving them a first official warning before pledging to fine them up to $11,000 per day for future violations. The limit is $97,000

Congress has mandated that broadcasters, with a few exceptions, pull the plug on analog TV by Feb. 17, 2009. It now wants to make sure that TV set buyers know the limitations of sets without DTV tuners. The sets can still be used as monitors for DVD players or VCRs past that date, but will not be able to receive the digital transmissions without help.