FCC: Check out future spectrum neighbors

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The Federal Communications Commission has released a due-diligence
announcement for bidders interested in spectrum now occupied by TV channels 54,
55 and 59 in the C and D blocks of the lower 700-megahertz band of spectrum.

The band is being cleared to make room for new services, with an auction scheduled for May 28.

The notice provides a laundry list of caveats -- the commission calls them "encumbrances" -- that the buyers need to beware of, and check for, before bidding.

It advises would-be bidders to check the FCC's license
database for information on, among other things, who is currently on channels
53, 56, 58 and 60, since the bidders must provide protection from
adjacent-channel interference.


Spectrum Shout-Outs

Broadcasters last week got some bipartisan FCC support for remaining part of the media equation in the face of the bandwagon for broadband delivery of, well, just about everything.