FCC: Broadcasters Are Important Emergency Communications Tool

In advance of storm, FCC/FEMA provide guidance
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As what is being hailed as a historic blizzard hits the Northeast, the FCC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) posted an advisory on the FCC's home page with tips for communicating during severe weather emergencies, including pointing out the value of free, over-the-air TV.

"Broadcasters are an important source of news during emergencies," says the advisory, "so consider keeping a battery-operated, solar-powered, or hand-crank-operated radio or digital portable television for use during power outages."

"Make sure you have charged or fresh batteries if needed," it adds, and even suggests broadcast and broadband can team up in emergencies. "Some hand-cranked radios can also be used to charge cell phones," it points out.

To read more of the FCC's emergency communications advice, check here.