FCC Broadband Plan: Complete Coverage


After some details started slipping out, the FCC eased an
embargo on its long-awaited Broadband Plan on March 15, a day ahead of its
scheduled unveiling at the commission's monthly public meeting and two days
before its delivery to Congress.

Entitled Connect America: The National Broadband Plan (click
here to download a PDF version
), the plan calls for an ambitious
refocus on broadband as the medium of choice for information delivery in the
new millennium. That includes getting affordable broadband to everyone and
high-speed access to at least 100 million households by 2020, including using
half of broadcasters spectrum for wireless broadband by 2015.

It could also mean a national framework for taxing online goods and services,
and getting a better handle on current broadband speeds and service by new
standards and online metrics like dashboards.

Reaction from Washington
ranged from cautious, wait-and-see optimism to enthusiastic shout-outs from
some key congressfolk.

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President Obama
Praises National Broadband Plan

President Obama joined the chorus of reaction to the FCC's official
unveiling of its National Broadband Plan on March 16, saying it will
provide the foundation for sustained prosperity.

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Broadband Plan: Markey Looking To Legislate Portions Of Report

Democratic congressman seeks to mandate elements of the plan

FCC Broadband
Plan: NCTA Critiques Set-Top Statements

Says "gateway" set-top device worth studying, not mandating,
CableCard fixes "misplaced"

Plan: Clyburn Warns of Potential Diversity Harm from Spectrum

Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn voiced concern Tuesday over the
potential loss of minority and women voices

Cable Industry Already Working to Achieve 100 Million High Speed Service

Commissioner sounds note of caution against potential disincentives

Commerce Committee to Hold Broadband Plan Hearing March 23

House Energy & Commerce sets March 25 date

Broadband Plan: Reactions Pour In

Trade and interest groups, politicians weigh in on FCC broadband plan.

Broadband Plan: House To Hold Hearing March 25

The House Communications & Internet Subcommittee will hold its
"first" hearing on the national broadband plan March 25. All five FCC
commissioners have been invited.

Broadband Plan: Commission Sets 2015 Spectrum Deadline

Plan lays out clear timetable for broadcasters to clear off 120 MHz of
spectrum, or about half their current allocation.

Broadband Plan: Commission Wants Federal Approach To Taxing Digital Goods,

The FCC wants the federal government to look into establishing a
"national framework" for taxing digital goods and services.

Broadband Plan: Cable Industry Asked to Adopt Gateway Device to Replace

Broadband plan to call for CableCard fixes before open-standard move 

Broadband Plan: Commission Proposes Getting Back 120 MHz From Broadcasters

Goal is to free up 300 MHz of spectrum within five years