FCC Approves Univision Sale


The FCC has approved the sale of Univision's TV stations to Broadcast Media Partners, an investor group led by TV kids programming veteran Haim Saban .

As expected, Univision agreed to pay $24 million (the commission's largest fine ever, according to Commissioner Michael Copps) in a consent decree with the commission to settle outstanding complaints about violations of the FCC's kids programming rules . Licenses generally cannot be transferred while there are complaints pending against them.

The United Church of Christ had filed complaints that teen-targeted Univision Spanish-language telenovelas should not qualify as educational kids programs. In addition to the payment, Univision has agreed to a plan for future compliance with Kids TV rules.

Commenting on the $24 million payment, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said, "It reflects the seriousness with which the commission takes its public-interest obligations. These requirements are not optional, and we expect broadcasters to comply with them. With these commitments by Univision, I believe this transaction is in the public interest."