FBR Cool to Mobile TiVo Deals


Wall Street analyst Friedman Billings Ramsey (FBR) reacted cooly Thursday to TiVo deals that will extend the digital video recorders' content to cell phones, pocket PCs and DVD players.

TiVo has announced deals with Microsoft and others to broaden the reach of its TiVoToGo portable content platform.

While FBR applauded the move into mobile video in principle, and said the features should appeal "to sophisticated 'techno geeks,' they do little to address fundamental challenges," said broadband cable research analyst Alan Bezoza.

Bezoza said that FBR didn't believe the TiVoToGo option would be available to more than a quarter of TiVo subscribers.

FBR continues to see long-term downsides in competition from the roll-out of cable operators' own DVRs and cash burn from sub-acquisition costs, though near-term results should be good, Bezoza says, due to lower prices, holiday promotions, and continued expansion of DirecTV subscribers (which constitute 61% of TiVo users).