Fat Actress Trims Craig Crack


A line using the "F-word" to describe Jenny Craig has been removed from the pilot of Showtime series Fat Actress.
Worries over the FCC? Not exactly. This is pay cable, home of such colorful vocabulary lessons as The Sopranos.

In fact, the F-word is still in. Instead, its Jenny Craig that was excised in deference to the star of the show, Kirstie Alley, who has been hired as the company’s spokeswoman..

In the pilot sent to critics, Alley describes the weight-loss program as “Jenny – F-me in the ass – Craig."

After she was hired by Jenny Craig, the line was changed to “Sam – F-me in the ass – Agent.”

As of Wednesday, she had lost 10 pounds on her Jenny Craig diet, bringing her down to 197. Her goal is 140.

Alley had nothing but kind words for Craig, telling TV critics gaggled for the press tour in L.A. that it was easy losing the weight because all of her meals are provided by her new employer.

“It’s like the best food I’ve ever eaten," she gushed. "You get little chocolate cakes with frosting on them. You get fettuccini and shells.”

She’s yet to start exercising, but says it’s in the cards. “I’m going to get there. I will,” the somewhat-less-fat actress vows.