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Don't Forget Us, Radio Dereg Foes Say

Afraid that Washington's media-ownership debate focuses too much on TV, 10 musicians groups penned a joint statement to remind policymakers to remember their concerns about rapid radio consolidation, payola from record labels, and blacklisting of musicians who don't sign with station groups' concert subsidiaries. The radio complaints helped spark the ownership debate in the first place.

"The leverage and control exerted by radio group owners that are also vertically integrated companies has continued to increase," the groups said in a statement delivered to Congress
and the FCC.

Signers include the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
and the Future of Music Coalition. The statement was timed to precede an Oct. 12 Eagles/Dixie Chicks
concert in Washington benefiting the Recording Artists Coalition, upcoming FCC field hearings on broadcast localism, and a Nov. 7-9 anti-consolidation conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

People Meeter

named J. David Davis
to replace Thomas Kane
at top-market O&O WABC-TV
New York, effective immediately. Like Kane before him, Davis comes to the president/GM job from WPVI-TV
Philadelphia, where he had been news director under Kane before succeeding him as president and GM when Kane got the top WABC-TV job in December 1996. Also like Kane, Davis is a longtime veteran of ABC. …

Frances W. Preston, president and CEO of BMI, will be presented with the 2004 Golden Mike award by the Broadcasters' Foundation
next February. She'll be lauded for heightening awareness of overlooked genres of music and promoted music licensing and legislation worldwide. For nearly six decades, the nonprofit Broadcasters' Foundation has been the only industry foundation to provide anonymous financial grants to those in acute need due to outside circumstances.

Rich Girls, Free Time

MTV's latest reality show, Rich Girls, starring two wealthy New York City teenage girls, will debut later this month. The show follows Ally Hilfiger
and Jaime Gleicher
through their glamorous summertime travails, from the Hamptons to New York to London, while they try to show that they are still normal teenagers. Rich Girls
debuts Oct. 28 at 10:30 p.m. ET. ...

also will offer a look at the young, rich and famous with the documentary Born Rich. Created and produced by Johnson & Johnson
heir Jamie Johnson
, the film will give insight into the lives of Trumps, Vanderbilts, Newhouses and Bloombergs. The film, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this year, airs Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET. ...

said it will once again give candidates free airtime on its TV stations—six ABC
affiliates and three NBC
affiliates—during the run-up to the 2004 elections. In addition, it will develop election-related content through an "interactive process" with citizen groups and air special programs, including town meetings and debates. The company also pledges to review political ads for "context and accuracy."


The caption under the picture in Harry Jessell's Oct. 6 column should have read: (l-r) Ed McLaughlin, David Barrett and Phil Lombardo. Also, the column misspelled the name of NAB's Jeff Baumann.