The Fall Report Card

How the freshman deck stacks up

Prime time network newbies generally have a one-in-three chance of being invited back for a second season. But a strong promotional push doesn't always translate into a hit.

Here's how some closely watched fall shows fared with the 18-49 demo:

Honor Roll

Desperate Housewives (9.6 rating/22 share): A strong candidate for rookie of the year, this ABC show is winning accolades from all corners, including execs at rival networks. The press on the women of Wisteria Lane easily outpaces any other new player on the block.

Lost (6.6/18): ABC's Lost is a hit. That a well written and lavishly produced suspense/action show filmed on an island in the Pacific would find an audience isn't a surprise. Consider it a scripted version of Survivor.

CSI: NY (6.2/16): It's such a strong franchise that everybody expected success. What sur­prised insiders is that it trumped Law & Order. Might CBS be cooking up plans for CSI: Special Victims Unit?

Boston Legal (4.6/12): This Practice spinoff has turned into ABC's fifth-highest-rated show among 18-49s. If it continues at this pace, renewal is a done deal.

Nanny 911 (4.0/9): Lillian, the show's head nanny, and her crew of specialists are helping troubled American families get their lives in order. They're also delivering for Fox. It's the network's second-highest-rated show of the season after The Simpsons.


Joey (5.3 /15): NBC says this show will be around “for a long time.” While it's likely to make it back next season, this Friends spinoff just isn't generating the audience of its predecessor. The show is No. 2 in its timeslot after Survivor, and The O.C. is grabbing its younger viewers.

On Probation

LAX (2.7/7): No one in Hollywood thinks this NBC show will be flying much longer. Is it a comedy, drama or plane wreck?

Rebel Billionaire (2.3/6): Richard Branson meets The Apprentice yet fails to score for Fox. The show might be a hit in Europe, but few Americans are sold on the Virgin impresario.

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss (2.2/5): Technically, this is a sequel to MBFO Wedding and a satire of The Apprentice. But whichever class it's assigned to, it's hard to imagine it will graduate to next year.

Father of the Pride (3.5/9): NBC took the struggling animated comedy off the schedule for sweeps but promises to bring it back next month.

Kevin Hill (1.7/4): On most networks, this critics' favorite might have been pronounced dead due to weak ratings. But it has boosted UPN's Wednesday 9 p.m. ratings in adults 18-34 by almost 90% over last season. UPN has committed for at least the rest of the season.

Listen Up (3.3/8): CBS has just ordered enough episodes to fill up a full season of this comedy, featuring Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander.

Flunking out

Clubhouse (2.0/5): CBS pulled this critically acclaimed show off its schedule before the beginning of sweeps.

Hawaii (2.2/6): Another weak show in the NBC lineup. Dano wouldn't book it, and neither did viewers. Aloha.

Dr. Vegas (2.1/7): Is it gone forever, or did CBS just pull it for sweeps?