Fairly Unfair


Patrick Maines is right (“What Happened to the Fair Press?” Airtime, Oct. 20) that the news media are losing trust because they are losing news objectivity. And I speak as a liberal Democrat supporter of Barack Obama, and as someone employed in media (Executive Director of a PEG Access corporation and stringer for a regional cable news network).

Hardly a day goes by that I don't see or hear several egregious examples of unconscious (or conscious) bias.

As troubling as it is that some in the news media can't seem to play it straight, it is even more troubling that many people in this business are in denial about it.

Giving approximately equal time to both candidates may meet a standard of fairness, but boosting one candidate while downgrading the other does not.

Such things as “Truth Squads” and “Keeping Them Honest” can be easily misused.

Stephen Roy

Brockton, Mass.