Fair-Use Fans Ponder Options


Fair-use fans Public Knowledge and Center for the Public Domain pledge not to "simply dwell on the horror stories of over-reaching media companies" in a conference June 18 on threats to academia from media company attempts to protect intellectual property.

Public Knowledge President Gigi Sohn says the conference, at the Annenberg School of Communication in Philadelphia, will provide "real-life examples of how concerns about copyright and confusion about or threats regarding fair use derailed, or threatened to derail, important scholarly work." Those examples will include research on Disney, for example, which is among the big studios concerned about the ease of copying and distributing content in a digital world.

The conference will also explore ways to strike a balance between academics and copyright holders.

In addition to the two groups, Knowledge Held Hostage (try saying that three times fast) is co-sponsored by the Annenberg School of Public Policy and Rice University.