Exclusive: English Speaking Hispanics More Mobile Viewers than Spanish Speakers


If the Latin Grammys are any indication, English-speaking Hispanics are more mobile TV viewers than their Spanish-speaking counterparts.

According to Arbitron's test of Portable People Meters in 10th-largest-market Houston, out-of-home viewing by the Spanish-speaking 18-49 audience was 17.2%, still above the average, while it was 24.3% for primarily English-speaking Hispanic viewers.

Age appeared to be a factor, with the differential in the 18-34 demo almost nonexistent, with 19.9% of Spanish-speakers and 19.7% of English-speakers watching out of home, or statistically a dead heat.

The Grammys barely registered with the non-Hispanic audience, however. Arbitron found that only a blink-and-you-missed-it 1.6% of the non-Hispanic audience tuned in, although Univision, which aired the Nov. 12 broadcast, provided a live translation.