EXCLUSIVE: CW Executive Searches for New Voices


The CW, hoping to find a way to tap into the zeitgeist of its young adult audience, has created a creative trend analysis and development manager post to find new concepts, talent and writers.

The objective is to discover different voices from outside of the traditional Hollywood programming pipeline, a growing trend among some networks and studios.

CW programming executive Lisa Waggoner, who fits into the netlet’s core women 18-34 demographic, has been devoting her time to scouring Websites, film schools and the latest trends that impact the demo.

A couple reality projects could materialize from the effort, and at least one based on a USC student film may wind up on its Website, according to CW executives.

Waggoner, who also oversees current programming for The Gilmore Girls, joined the netlet in July 2006 from Fox, where she was a current executive for Stacked, American Dad, 24 and That ‘70s Show, among others.

Previously, she worked for the Jim Henson Co. and on various TV shows, including Suddenly Susan and Mad About You.