Excite@Home subs still disconnected


An unknown number of Excite@Home customers in the Midwest still couldn't access the online fast lane through the high-speed cable Web service Friday afternoon, one week after a six-state service shutdown in the region.

A full week after a hardware problem put Excite@Home's Illinois regional data center out of commission, an undetermined number of the service's customers remain disconnected, according to an Excite@Home spokesman. Confirming a press report about the continued outage, the spokesman said only "a pretty small percentage" of the 150,000 customers originally affected in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin were still without broadband service.

The original problem - a server controller that "just crapped out," according to the spokesman - was supposed to have been fixed on Sunday. But it's been a slow process restoring links for those Excite@Home subs to the servers they were on before the outage. "There's sort of a lag time process with the data," said the spokesman.

The latest technical gremlins add to a long litany of technology roadblocks Excite@Home's three million current customers have encountered in various markets. Excite@Home can't say why the controller failed or offer any safeguard against the problem recurring elsewhere in its network. "It was a unique thing," said the spokesman. "But that doesn't mean it couldn't happen again."
- Richard Tedesco