Excite@Home cuts 250 jobs


More pink slips emerged, this time at Excite@Hom, which is trimming 250 employees, or 8% of its work force.

Employees were scheduled to be given details of the layoffs Tuesday faternoon. The cuts are coming largely on the Excite web portal side of the business, while the @Home high-speed Internet network was largely being spared. Some corporate staffers are to be laid off as well.

A company spokeswoman said that, for all its problems, the @Home operation was showing strong growth while the portal side is feeling pressure from the downturn in Internet advertising. The company positioned the cuts as prudent trims in a softening market rather than a move of desparation. "This is different from what your seeing in the dotcom space, where people have to lay off to stay in business," the spokesman said. - John Higgins