In this excerpt from Larry Kane's Philadelphia (Temple University Press), the KYW-TV anchorman Larry Kane discusses the demise of political coverage:

"Politicians often complain to me about the scarcity of political coverage. They are right on target, but they try to connect coverage with another issue. They seek free time during campaigns, an effort to separate access to huge amounts of money from political results. Other democratic nations require licensed stations to provide free time to candidates. We do not. Members of Congress voted to deregulate the broadcast industry, so they have themselves to blame.

"Deregulation has been a financial boon to my business, but it has also lowered government expectations for public service and community-based coverage.

"Deregulation is what freedom is all about-but politicians have to accept the new reality-that without regulation, stations are free to be what they want to be. My advice to Congress: If you give away the candy store, don't expect free candy."